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What Do K4’s Fire Alarms Services Do?

Fire Alarms

K4’s tailor-made and latest BS5839 fire legislation complied temporary and permanent fire alarm service provides the best support for ensuring the safety and security of your

Why Us?

Advancing Security: Embracing the Power of Advanced Surveillance Technology


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Intruder and Fire Alarms

With a quality alarm system installed on your property, you can be confident that any intrusions or incident will be detected and flagged quickly and efficiently.

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CCTV Installation

Installing a professional security system can significantly reduce the risk of criminals targeting your property.

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Professional Installation

Our alarm experts can assess your property or site to determine the best installation strategy for you.

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Access Control

The multitasking capabili- ties of our security officers, such as reception.

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BT Redcare

By opting for K4 BT Redcare, you ensure that professionals are handling your security concerns and remove the responsibility from your employees’ shoulders.

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Monitor Reporting

Our live monitoring system will regularly provide you with a detailed electronic report of all alarm activations and actions taken.


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Enhancing Security with K4 Security's Comprehensive Solutions
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