RSI / PIR systems 

RSI Videofied is a wireless intruder alarm with built-in night vision camera and infrared LED’s. Up to 24 devices can be programed on to the main control panel including internal and external cameras, keypads, sounders and smoke detectors. The radio range is up to 400 meters (with line of sight)

Operation is easy, setting and un-setting is done from a full text keypad much like your home or business alarm system.

The panel can work for up to 4 years on one set of batteries and has an operating temperature range of -30 to +60 degrees.


In the event of an alarm the camera records a short 6-10 second video clip of what caused the activation and sends it to our alarm receiving centre.


An operator will then review the video clip and call the key holders or guarding company as appropriate.

The Videofied system is battery powered and fully weatherproof making it ideal for construction sites and void properties.


RSI has also launched the XTO 210 outdoor control panel. The panel is ideal for applications such as construction sites, utilities, and vulnerable remote assets, and features an XT control panel and booster RF and GPRS antennas inside an IP rated box.

Like other RSI panels the XTO can link to up to 24 PIR cameras and is suited to locations where the panel needs to be mounted outdoors and where there is no mains power. The booster antennas enable the system to provide security to large areas even where there is a poor GPRS signal.

Prices from £90 PW